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NitroFX will make your analysis much more precise and your trades more accurate. Thanks to the smart trend analysis calculation mechanism, you will recognize trending market and you will be able to open transactions in line with the big traders.
NitroFX will also tell you when to take a break from trading (flat market) on particular instruments.

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Are you ready for a complete change of your chart perspective? Are you ready to abandon numerous of indicators for a clean chart, and at the same time increase the effectiveness of your trading? Our method will direct your eyes to what really counts in the forex. You do not have to look anything else! The whole thing can be defined in three words: simple, clean and effective.

Smooth Charts Within One Minute!

All you have to do is to put NitroFx on your chart. Few seconds later you will be able to enjoy simplified analysis and clear entries! 

  You will understand how the largest banks and financial institutions move the market and where you can join them to earn hundreds of pips!

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Our method can be used as stand alone system or you can combine it with your favorite indicators.

In any case, NitroFX will make your charts simple and very readable. You will be able to make easy and quick analyzes and your trades will turn into pure pleasure!

Our method works in a similar way to renko, but it shows a smoother market. This allows for better trend recognition and also easier avoiding the consolidation.


Usable for Any Type of Trading

  • Scalp
  • DayTrading
  • Swing or Fundamental Trading


  • MT4 POP UP
  • Instant push notifications

Customize to your preferences

  • Change Block Range
  • Customize Background
  • Switch Colors

Easy, Effective, Plug and Play!

Our software was developed for all kind of traders from forex beginners to advanced traders. 

If you are new on the Forex Market, NitroFX will quickly teach you how to read the charts in a clear and effective way. If you are an advanced trader you can improve your trading methods by using our software which will give you a simplified market analysis and smooth entries!

System installation will not take you more than a few minutes. Our software contains a detailed instruction manual with screenshots.

Trade Examples

Check what traders you could be making with our software!

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Could you explain in a few words how it works?

Nitro FX is a unique chart analyzing method. It transforms a standard chart into easy-readable-blocks .Thanks to this feature each trader can significantly boost their trading performance.

Does this method works with offline charts?

Yes, NitroFX uses offline type chart. Of course such chart works similar way to standard chart (it’s moving in the real time), it just shows much more simpified price movement.

What do i need to start trading with nitro fx?

You will need MT4 trading platform and basic forex knowledge like: how to open a chart or how to set your stop loss order.

How do i get a product?

You will be able to download system files right after purchase.

What pairs can i trade with nitro fx?

You can trade any forex pair as well as commodities available with your MT4 platform. 

What will I receive after purchase?

You will receive system files, detailed PDF manual and life time support. 

I'm new to trading, do you provide support?

Of course! You can contact us anytime with technical questions as well as general trading queries.

What about updates?

System contains future updates with no additional charge.

Does your software repaint?

No our software do not repaint. After the signal/bar is printed it won’t change in any way.

Are there any monthly fees for "NitroFX"?

No, there are absolutely no monthly fees, this is strictly a one-time purchase.

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Risk Warning
Before you begin trading on Real account please carefully consider your investment goals, risk and experience you have. It should be noted that Forex is a leverage based market. It should be remembered that leverage can work both in your advantage and disadvantage as well. Therefore there is high risk of losing a part or all of your financial input placed on your account and because of that you should remember to trade with the amount of money which you can lose without taking any influential financial damage.


Signals generated by the system are not investment recommendations. All materials included on the website, as well as all system components (indicators, instruction manual) are for educational purposes only.  Creators of the system will not take any responsibility for any profit or loss/damage caused by using the system.